Maidan Resolutions

The core of my research, carried out in the Graduate School of Social Research, is based on the unique documentary evidence of Ukrainian 2013-2014 Maidan events, namely the resolutions of popular assemblies across the country. Today I have collected over a hundred resolutions, decisions, and statements containing claims of local protesters of “Euro-Maidan”, as well as “Anti-Maidan” and “United Ukraine” rallies, starting from November 2013.

I feel that these manifestos first and foremost belong to the people of Ukraine. They were published in open sources and therefore could be accessed by anyone. I just collected the texts in one place in order not to lose them eventually in web-archives. My Maidan Resolutions Project blog is there to share the texts of the resolutions with other researchers, analysts or journalists, and facilitate further research and scientific collaboration.

At this point, only the original texts – in Ukrainian or Russian – are available.

If you are interested in Ukrainian contention, I invite you to visit the blog and join me for the objective analysis of the events decisive for country’s modern history.