Olga is a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. She is a PI of “The Relationship between Social Movements and Political Parties for the Democratic Representation of Social Groups in Europe” project funded by Poland’s National Science Centre (UMO-2021/40/C/HS6/00229).

Her research interests cover social movements in Central and Eastern Europe, political and social inequalities. She holds a PhD from the Graduate School for Social Research, IFiS PAN and has work experience in Ukrainian non-governmental sector.

She is affiliated with the Foundation “Open Society” , independent Ukrainian think tank focused on the issues of effective and transparent governance, public finances and anti-corruption. She also cooperated with The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies  and The Broker (The Netherlands), the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation and the Institute of World Policy (Ukraine), The Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (Hungary).

Recent publications:

  • Zelinska, Olga and Dubrow Joshua K. 2021. “PaReSoGo: Dataset on party representation of social groups for 25 countries, 2002–2016”. Party Politics. doi:10.1177/13540688211023859
  • Zelinska, Olga. 2021. “How Social Movement Actors Assess Social Change: An Exploration of the Consequences of Ukraine’s Local Maidan Protests.” International Journal of Sociology, doi: 10.1080/00207659.2021.1910429

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